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Median Ui Blogger Template Premium - Latest Version v1.6 Free Download

Median UI is one of the best SEO friendly, highly optimized, most advanced with unique features, superfast Blogger template of the current time
Median Ui Blogger Template Premium - Latest Version v1.6 Free Download
Median Ui Blogger Template Premium - Latest Version v1.6 Free Download

 Premium Blogger Template Median UI

Median UI is one of the most advanced, yet simple. It has a clean design and feels modern. The templates are easy to customize, even for beginners.
Median UI is a Responsive Blogger template with high-resolution, pixel perfect and retina ready. It has Advanced CSS3 animations, transitions and effects to make the template more appealing. You will get a new design experience with this masterpiece of code.
Median UI is a popular blogger template, and a new version of this theme, Median UI v1.6, was recently released. We'll learn more about Median UI Template and its features today. So let's get this party started! Median UI 1.6 is a great example of an SEO-friendly, Adsense-ready, clean, advanced, and well-liked theme. Its design is based on UI/UX experience, therefore it looks incredibly appealing and you're going to adore it!
This UI-based design makes this template more popular and downloadable, so take a few moments to highlight its characteristics before looking for the fast download button. Before you continue, I'd like to point out that Median UI Theme comes in three variations: Median UI, Median AMP, and Median RTL. This theme can be uploaded at a later time.

Features of Median UI

  1. Best Responsive
  2. Google Tool Validator
  3. Best SEO Friendly
  4. Best Mobile Friendly
  5. 404 Page
  6. New Featured Post
  7. Short .code
  8. Auto Read More With Thumbnail
  9. Ads Ready
  10. Responsive Footer
  11. Social Follow Button
  12. Multi Drop Down
  13. Best Search Widget
  14. Related Posts With Thumbnail
  15. Social Share Button
  16. Email News Letter Widget
  17. Recent Post Widget
  18. Detailed Documentation
  19. Safelink
  20. Custom Credits Sure 
  21. SEO optimization
  22. Google Adsense Responsive
  23. Ultra-Fast loading
  24. Header Notification Option
  25. 100 Score on Google insight page
  26. Easy Navigation Option
  27. Header post Slider Option
  28. SVG Icons Option
  29. Highly Customisable
  30. Popup Author Box Option
  31. Popup Social Share Option
  32. Automatic Table of Content Option
  33. Designer Widget Header
  34. Designer Comment Section
  35. Responsive for all Devices
  36. Automatic Text Site logo Creator
  37. Powerful header Adsence Ad section
  38. Powerful navigation Menu
  39. Adsence feed ads supported on the homepage
  40. Automatic Translator
  41. Lazy load youtube video Section
  42. Lazy load Images options
  43. Powerful Footer Ad Section
  44. Designer Script Sections
  45. Designer and beautiful buttons inbuild
  46. Full-page, Sponsored, and Product special post pages

Other Features of Median UI Premium Version

  1. Free Download
  2. No Encrypted Scripts
  3. Do not accept Updates
  4. Remove Footer Credits
  5. Lifetime Premium Support
  6. Do not accept Updates
We Checked All Important Major Features for Median UI, Now we Discuss some advanced features that make the Median UI theme different from others.

Fast Loading Speed

Blogspot is an efficient and user-friendly template. It was created by Google and has a simple layout with three columns, post listing, blog search, comments, readership statistics and advertisements. The quick loading time is one of the main advantages of this template.
Blogspot is the best blogging site, it offers a blogspot template that is quick loading and can make your page load speed more efficient.The blogspot template is quick loading. In Google mobile, between 80 and 95 on desktop. This may be checked in Google quick views. So, it's a blogger template user-friendly.

Friendly to AdSense

This is a blogger template for AdSense. You can find several ad areas such as top advertisements, sidebar ads, and top and base ads in the Ui median blogger template. This also works for auto adsvertiser.
As you know, if you own a blog, the most important thing is to get traffic. This can be achieved by generating posts that are interesting and informative for your readers.Another way is to place ads on your site. The best thing about this blogger template is that it makes it easy for people to earn money with AdSense ads. itially, they may not seem like much but over time as more visitors come to your site, they become more valuable.
Friendly to AdSense is a blogger template created with AdSense in mind. It features several ad areas such as top advertisements, sidebar ads, and top and base ads so that bloggers can earn more without having to do anything but blog.
The blog is using Google AdSense ads. The blogger will be able to place these ads in the top or sidebar of their blog as well as generating additional revenue with ads appearing in the template for the website.

Fastest loading 

The best theme for google page ranking is this, Median UI Fastest loading. This theme's Google Insight  score is 99 points. So, Absolutely this Median UI Theme, it is absolutely increase your page ranking.If you have a site with a high page ranking and want to increase it, you should use this theme. Today, we suggest this median UI theme which is the fastest loading. This theme is Unbelievable for the very Fastest loading.

SEO Friendly

This theme is absolutely seo friendly. you got seo friendly meta tags so, this theme is given high quality rich results and rankings on your website. this theme's seo is inbuild open graphs and schema coad. This theme's SEO is inbuilt Open graphs and Schema coad. If you are looking for SEO friendly themes then you should go with this theme. 

Proper Documentation and Guides

You can find proper documentation in detail with examples of each feature of plus UI on their official website. 


Homepage Desktop Homepage (Desktop) | Original Size
Homepage Mobile Homepage (Mobile) | Original Size
Post Views Desktop Post Views (Desktop) | Original Size
Post Views Mobile Post View (Mobile) | Original Size  

Live Preview & Download :

How to apply this template on your website/blog:

  1. Open Google/chrome 
  2. Type in search box
  3. Get in the site (
  4. Click on sidebar (navigation menu)
  5. Then click on theme
  6. Copy XML of downloaded template
  7. Then go to edit html and paste it
  8. Done

Don't forget to save your theme

If you have any problems/quire related to this template then comment please

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