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HTML Parser Tool - Best Online Function

HTML Parser Tool - Best Online Function
HTML Parser Tool - Best Online Function
HTML Parser Tool - Best Online Function

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HTML Parser?

Most bloggers have used the html parser tool. When you want to enter html or javascript code into a blogger template, you usually need a tool to convert it into XML code.

HTML Parser Tool or also commonly called Parse HTML is a tool used to convert HTML or Javascript code into XML code that is compatible with blog templates. To use this tool you can easily find it on the internet because this tool is widely available online.

Actually, the way this tool works only converts some code into XML code like the following code:
  • The '&' be '& amp' characters.
  • The character '>' becomes '& gt'.
  • The character '' '' (single quote) becomes '& # 039'.
  • The characters '""' (Double Quote) become '& quot'.

Privacy notice:

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