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SnapTube VIP v6.13.1.6132901 Full Unlocked

SnapTube Downloader is a simple tool that allows you to download any video from any site in any audio and video format.
SnapTube VIP v6.13.1.6132901 Full Unlocked
SnapTube VIP v6.13.1.6132901 Full Unlocked

What is SnapTube?

Snaptube is a free Android app that downloads video, audio and also works as a social media aggregator. It provides video resolutions in a range of 144p, 720p, 1080p HD, 2K HD, 4K HD and audio formats inn MP3 and M4A. With Snaptube, users can look for content on all their platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and all others) without using numerous apps. As of June 2020, the application is used by over 100 million users.

In 2019, Upstream warned that users are served invisible ads without their knowledge that run silently on the device, allowing the app maker to generate ad revenue at the expense of churning up a user's mobile data and battery power.According to Upstream, their Secure-D platform detected and blocked "more than 70 million suspicious mobile transaction requests" from SnapTube installs on 4.4 million devices.

After Google pulled the application from Play Store, Snaptube blamed a third-party software development kit called Mango SDK, with the developer claiming to have removed the offending SDK.The company took immediate action and released an update which took Mango SDK off subsequent versions."

Mango was also found in other apps for fraud behaviors. According to Upstream, this third-party SDK downloads additional components from a central server to engage in this fraudulent ad activity and uses chains of redirection and obfuscation to hide its activity.

Features of SnapTube:

  1. This App allows you to stream or download HD videos.(144p to 720p, HD 1080p, 2k, 4K)
  2. You have the option of downloading music in MP3 or M4A format (up to 256 kbps).
  3. Use the Night Mode (Dark Mode).
  4. Keep the screen turned off when listening to music on YouTube and other websites.
  5. Look for videos that have been blocked in your region.

Other useful features:

  1. QR code – the best tool for generating QR codes
  2. Downloader – download files from websites and applications
  3. Boost – a tool optimizing your mobile phone
  4. Cleaner – a cleaning tool
  5. Battery saver – a tool helping to check the battery draining applications and freezing them
  6. WhatsApp cleaner
  7. File manager
  8. Application manager

SnapTube VIP Features:

  1. All advertisements have been fully withdrawn (Ad Free)
  2. Unlimited downloading.
  3. There are no forced advertisements at the exit.
  4. With Google Server, download speeds are extremely high.
  5. Look for videos that have been blocked in your region.

How to download?

Just share to SnapTube. The app will convert to download format.

SnapTube VIP v6.13.1.6132901 Full Unlocked.apk 26Mb

Whenever pops up "Update to latest version", just click back.

I would recommend you to turn off push notification and tool bar. Also hibernate for background running to reduce ram usage.


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