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APMODY V1.4 Premium Blogger Template Free Download - A NextGen Theme for App Website

This APMODY has been redesigned by Aruf in such a way that it's stylish suited for mod apps related websites and is one of the stylish SEO optimized

Apmody is one of the most SEO-friendly and well-optimized blogger templates. It is fully optimized for providing the features of an app store for bloggers. Apmody is one-of-a-kind and built on modern web standards.

APMODY V1.4 Premium Blogger Template Free Download - A NextGen Theme for App Website
APMODY V1.4 Premium Blogger Template Free Download - A NextGen Theme for App Website 
APMODY V1.4 Premium Blogger Template Free Download for APK Website / Android Play store theme. This template like as google play store, you use this theme for your apps download blogger website. Hey! Welcome to Pro Blogger Template, at this moment we are participating APMODY V1.4 Premium Blogger Template Free Download. Flatrow Pro Blogger Template is one of the blockbuster blogger templates, utmost of the professional bloggers use this Flatrow Pro Template because of its numerous features and responsiveness. Toady I'll give a redesigned interpretation of Fletro Pro Template which is APMODY Blogger Template.

Features Of Apmody Blogger Template Latest Version 1.4

Features Availability
Mobile Responsive Yes
App Schema MarkupYes
SEO Friendly Yes
Ads ReadyYes
Fast Loading Yes
App Download With Safelink Yes
Personal license Yes
Auto Read More With Thumbnail Yes
Error 404 Yes
Responsive Footer Yes
Social Follow Button Yes
Multi Drop Down Yes
Search Widget Yes
Related Posts With Thumbnail Yes
Social Share Button Yes
Email News Letter Widget Yes
Recent Post Widget Yes
Detailed Documentation Yes
Best Responsive Menu And Layout Yes

Why Choose Apmody blogger theme?

Apmody comes with a variety of add-on features that set it apart from other templates. Let's take a look at all highlighted features:

  1. Bookmark Posts: Using this Add-on, visitors will be able to save / bookmark posts to read later.
  2. Lazy Load Google AdSense:Lazy Load Google AdSense, Analytics even custom javascript can be lazy loaded
  3. Theme Lisence: To protect your website widgets, Apmody comes with Licence feature and unreadable javascript library.
  4. Looking for a music player to use on your Blogger blog? Apmody v1.4 has a Music Player that allows you to play your music files, such as MP3.
  5. To enhance your ad revenue, use an Anti boom .
  6. Cookie Consent: Obtaining user consent for cookies...
  7. Block people from specified countries from viewing your site.
  8. No Internet Connection: When a user's internet connection is lost, notify them.
  9. Force Javascript:- Helps you to serve ads and content seamlessly.
  10. Multilingual assistance is provided via Google Translate.
  11. Countdown Download Box:-If you have any files available for download on your website, this Download Box will come in handy based on firebase.
  12. Realtime Download: They have a counter on their postings that shows how many people have download their apps in real time based on firebase.
  13. Realtime Views: They have a counter on their postings that shows how many people have seen their posts in real time.
  14. Thanks Claps: A counter on their postings that shows how many people have thanks to owner claps in real time based on firebase.
  15. HLJS tool (syntax highlighter parse) 
  16. Plugin script (Shortlink + Safelink
  17. Increase the number of views on your posts to earn extra money with Safelink feature.
  18. If you enable Maintenance Mode, visitors will be unable to access your site until the period you specify, allowing you to make modifications to your blog.
  19. Quick Edit: When an administrator views the blog, an Edit button appears, which directs them to Blogger Page / Post Edit. They can also back up the contents of the blog, among other things. Admins will see buttons beside the comments that they may click to remove any undesirable remarks.
  20. Other Most Features:Two thumbnails for APP posts, Image slider,APP post generator tool,App Schema data And More.

Apmody is a blogger template designed for mobile first, the appearance is made modern and elegant from features to template layout, besides that this template is made more user friendly, layout of each element is neatly arranged and doesn't disturb the comfort of blog visitors.


Jun 19, 2022
  • Display on page
  • Show hide header on scroll
  • APP info on popular posts
  • Load js settings on features
  • Syntax highlighter
  • Clap feature in posts
  • Quick edit
  • Maintenance mode
  • Javascript disable condition widget
  • Cookie consent widget
  • Country block widget
  • No internet condition widget
  • Navigation menu on posts (sticky)
  • HLJS tool (syntax highlighter parse)
  • APP post generator tool
  • Sitemap
  • Comment button on the post
  • Navigation menu on mobile display
  • Plugin script (Shortlink + Safelink)
  • HTML + CSS codes
  • Javascript codes
  • Accessibility
  • Performance

May 30, 2022
  • Template settings
  • Box style (class bX in tag body)
  • Bookmark button on multiple items
  • View counter for post APP
  • Download counter for post APP
  • Shortlink (plugin)
  • Safelink (plugin)
  • Javascript codes
  • Accessibility
  • Performance

May 20, 2022
  • Preview mode
  • Schema data
  • Light and dark mode
  • APP post color theme
  • Anti boom click ads
  • Settings (dark theme) in template customization
  • CSS codes
  • Javascript codes
  • Ad placement
  • Accessibility
  • Performance

May 05, 2022
  • APP post details
  • Two thumbnails for APP posts
  • Image slider
  • Ad placement
  • CSS codes
  • Javascript codes
  • Accessibility
  • Performance

Apr 30, 2022


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Live Preview & Download :

How to apply this template on your website/blog:

  1. Open Google/chrome 
  2. Type in search box
  3. Get in the site (
  4. Click on sidebar (navigation menu)
  5. Then click on theme
  6. Copy XML of downloaded template
  7. Then go to edit html and paste it
  8. Done

Don't forget to save your theme

If you have any problems/quire related to this template then comment please

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