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How To Make Number To Binary Converter Tool In Blogger


How To Make Number To Binary Converter Tool In Blogger

elcome to SoiPro. This post will teach you how to make a number to binary converter tool in blogger, convert binary to decimal in javascript, and convert a decimal number to binary number.

What Is Number To Binary Converter Tool?

The number to binary converter is a tool that converts any given number into its corresponding binary code. It is one of the most commonly used tools for people learning computer programming.

With this tool, you can understand how computers work by looking at the binary code behind every single letter and symbol of your browser. you can use this tool to convert from binary to decimal in javascript and convert from decimal to binary in Java script.

This type of coding allows machines to communicate through the internet. Here are some ways to create a number to binary converter tool in blogger.

What Is Binary Code?

Binary is the base unit of digital information. It provides the building blocks for all modern computing. All computer instructions are calculated in binary before turning them into instructions that the CPU can carry out.

Binary numbers are made up of only two digits, 0 and 1, so there is a minor step when converting decimal numbers to binary than converting decimal numbers to hexadecimal. For this reason, decimal-to-binary conversion algorithms are usually simpler and more efficient than decimal-to-hexadecimal algorithms. It’s made easy to make number to binary converter tool.

Binary code is a language that computers use to communicate with one another. There are two types of instructions in this language: yes and no. All other instructions in binary code are combinations of these two instructions.

If you want to understand how computers work, you must first understand binary code. It is one of the most widely used languages in the digital world. Computers use it to communicate through the internet or any other machine-based network.

What Are The Advantages Of Using the Number To Binary Converter Tool?

Binary code is the only language that computers know, and their job is to process it. This tool allows people with no computer background to see what binary code looks like. It provides an effortless way for those learning computer programming to understand better how computers work.

Learning programming languages can be difficult for some, but this tool makes it easier because you can see the code and make sense of it instead of trying to memorize lines and lines of various symbols and numbers. It also gives you a chance to explore different types of coding.

The number to binary converter simplicity is another benefit: You can easily copy the converted number if you use it in other programs or online games. The tools are also designed in a way that is very user-friendly so all users, regardless of age or experience level, will be able to understand them.

How To Use The Number To Binary Converter Tool?

To use the number to binary converter:

  1. First, you need to type in any number in the given text box. You can also put two or more than two numbers (for example, 786) together.
  2. And click on the “Convert To Binary” Button.
  3. To Convert Binary to Number paste or type binary number in the given text box.
  4. And click on the “Convert to Number” Button.

The result of these three numbers (‘786’) together is called a byte. A byte is equivalent to 8 bits and is the smallest storage unit on a computer.

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How To Make A Number To Binary Converter Tool?

To make a number to binary converter tool for your blogger site, you need to add HTML CSS and JavaScript (JQuery) codes for it. These codes have to be added in 3 steps. We will add HTML code in the 1st step, CSS in 2nd, and JavaScript in the last step.

Step 1 - Adding HTML

<div class="container" align="center">
<div class="head">
<h1>Number To Binary Converter</h1> </div>
<div class="input-field">
<input type="text" id="input" autocomplete="off" placeholder="Enter a number" /> </div>
<div class="btn-result">
<div class="Btn">
<button id="n" class="click">Convert to Binary</button>
<button id='b'>Convert to Number</button>
<div class="result"> <span id="answer"></span> </div>

Step 2 - Adding CSS

These CSS Codes are in Compressed format. If you want to beautify, you can use our tool by Following this Link - CSS Beautifier Tool.

<style type="text/css">
*{margin:0;padding:0;box-sizing:border-box;}body{font-family:'noto sans',sans-serif;}.container{margin-bottom:70px;}.head>h1{padding:30px;}#input{width:100%;padding:15px;margin:0 0 0px 0;font-size:15px;outline:none;border:1px solid #dcdcdc;text-align:center;border-top-left-radius:5px;border-top-right-radius:5px;border-bottom:none;}.btn-result{background:#f3f3f3;width:100%;padding:21px;height:auto;margin-top:0;border-bottom-left-radius:7px;border-bottom-right-radius:7px;border: 1px solid #dcdcdc; border-top: none;}.Btn>button{width:160px;font-size:14px;height:auto;margin:10px;border:none;padding:10px 12px;background-color:#555EED;border-radius:3px;color:#fefefe;transition:all .3s;}.Btn>button:hover{opacity:0.7;transition:all .3s;cursor:pointer;}.result{padding:10px;}#answer{font-size:17px;font-weight:bold;}

Step 3 - Adding JavaScript (Convert Binary To Decimal Javascript)

<script src=''></script>
b.addEventListener('click', function() {
function convert() {
var bi = document.getElementById('input').value;
var biArr = bi.split('');
biArr = biArr.reverse();
var final = [];
var pickle = [];
for(i = 0; i < biArr.length; i++) {
var banana = parseInt(biArr[i]);
var tomato = (Math.pow(2, i));
var potato = tomato * pickle[i];
var final2 = 0;
for(a = 0; a < final.length; a++) {
final2 = final2 + final[a];
document.getElementById('answer').innerHTML = "Number: " + final2;
$(document).ready(function() {
var num;

function convert(num) {
var binary = [];
var num = document.getElementById("input").value;
num = parseInt(num);
if(!Number.isInteger(num)) {
return NaN;
while(num / 2 != 0) {
binary.unshift(num % 2);
num = Math.floor(num / 2);
if(binary.length == 2) {
if(binary.length == 3) {
if(binary.length == 1) {
binary = binary.join("");
return binary;
$(".click").click(function() {
var insert = convert(num);
answer.innerHTML = "Binary: " + insert;


A number to binary converter tool is a tool that converts any number to a binary number. It is beneficial for programmers and developers who easily convert decimal numbers to binary numbers. This article will show you how to create a blogger's decimal to binary converter tool.

Now, you know how to create a number to binary converter tool in blogger. If you have any related questions in your mind, feel free to write them down in the comment box below, I'll see you in the next post.

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